There are various reasons one could have their license suspended or revoked: a DUI conviction, Possession of Marijuana conviction, unpaid parking tickets, etc.  Whatever the reason, the important issue in a DWLSR is whether you were cited for a DWLSR with knowledge or without knowledge.

DWLSR without knowledge – a traffic citation that is similar to a speeding ticket.  No threat to jail time.  However, you do not want to pay this so easily. Consult with an attorney to find out whether you could be in jeopardy of ultimately loosing your license for five years (call us and ask about whether you could be a “Habitual Traffic Offender).

DWLSR with knowledge – a criminal charge.  The first DWLSR with knowledge on your record is a 2 nd degree misdemeanor (punishable up to 6 months of probation and/or 6 months of jail time). The second DWLSR with knowledge on your record is a 1 st degree misdemeanor (punishable up to 1 year of probation and/or 1 year jail time). And DWLSR with knowledge after the first two can be charged as a felony (punishable up to 5 years of probation and/or 5 years of prison).

It is important to understand that the “with knowledge” part of these charges does not actually means notice was sent by the DMV.  It does not mean that you actually are aware of your license being suspended. What is the difference?  You may have been traveling for two weeks for work when the notice was sent to your house.  You have not opened your mail yet and went to the grocery store when you got back from your trip. You get pulled over speeding when the officer learns that your license was suspended.  The officer notices that notice was sent to your home, so he charges you with a DWLSR with knowledge.  As easy as that, you now have a criminal charge.

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